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THE OLD OAK (UK, 2023)

2023   |   1h 53min   |   English  

Director:  Ken Loach

Stars:  Dave Turner (I, Daniel Blake, Sorry We Missed You), Andy Dawson, Debbie Honeywood, Reuben Bainbridge, Ebla Mari

The Old Oak is the last remaining pub in an old coal-mining town in the North of England, where a once proud community struggles to keep old values alive. When a group of Syrian refugees is re-homed there, some in the community find it difficult to accept. But the two groups find they have more in common than they may first have thought.


“Brought tears to my eyes” - Hollywood Reporter
“4 stars” - The Irish Times
“An ode to hope. 5 stars” - Loud & Clear Reviews
“A film as fired-up and as human as any you’ll see this year” - Time Out
“Captivating… stunning… powerful performances… a must-see” - The Chronicle
“Emotional and stirring” - Le Figaro
“Heart-wrenching humanity” - Premiere
“Radiant and profoundly moving” - Telerama
“Powerful, poignant” - Empire Magazine 
“Moving” - Sunday Times
“Sincere and uplifting” - The Independent
“Deeply moving” - Premiere
“Unfolds with a fierce crackle” - Financial Times
“Authentic and captivating - 4.5 stars” - Dirty Movies
“Stirring” - Hollywood Reporter
“Tugs on the heartstrings” - Standard
“Terrific performances” - Metro
“Burningly relevant… certainly deserves a Palme d’Or” - La Croix

Festivals / Awards:
Cannes Film Festival 2023 - Nominee, Palme d’Or
Locarno Film Festival 2023 - Winner, Grand Prize
Vancouver International Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection
Cheltenham International Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection
Tees Valley Film festival 2033 - Gala Screening

THE OLD OAK - Official Trailer - Directed by Ken Loach
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